Citizens of the Anthropocene

The result of man made climate change is that millions of people have been uprooted from their homes and are now on the move. These are the first citizens of the Anthropocene—we are all citizens of the anthropocene, but the people documented here are the first ones to feel the blunt impact of the new age.

From suburban Texans to the Kenyan sharecropper, billions of lives have been affected by the changing climate. With so many now on the move what does it mean to be a citizen? What is the role of the states where people end up? And what is the responsibility of countries that are relatively stable in the north but produce the majority of CO2 causing so much havoc in less stable places? With so many now on the move the societies that they came from are collapsing while those who absorb the newly arrived are looking for ways to integrate them or keep them out altogether. The citizenry of the planet has never been more on the move and the borders that gave cultures distinct identities have eroded leaving profound questions as to what our collective human identity is in this new age.