Mediation #1: Reflections on 銀世界, The Silver World

In Japan a snow covered day is called gin sekai, the silver world. It makes me think of a particular kind of snow: one that falls on extremely cold days when the snow forms into small translucent crystals and coats the streets in a fine sand-like texture.

It’s hard to think of the world without snow. The rarer these days become, the more I love them and try to be in them as much as I can. Walking in what is almost another dimension, the hard edges of the world covered in white, the sounds of the city gently muffled I have a feeling of existing in a past time.

When I was a boy there were a lot more of these days. I remember the snow drifts well above my head and multi doored igloos in front of my house. Footsteps trailing off in the snow inviting me to wander and discover this pristine world, these snow days have formed integral memories of my early years.