6 May 2006 – El Gusano, Mexico – Cipriano Paris’ mother Laria Luisa, 71, stands in the doorway of her kitchen.

While many men of Cipriano’s age have left their families for opportunity in the United States Cipriano has chosen to stay in El Gusano. (He worked for a year and a half in Texas as a roofer in which time he managed to earn enough to help modernize his family’s home.) Because wages are so low in Mexico and prices poor for the corn he produces Cipriano is always aware that he might have to return to Texas. As impoverished as El Gusano is, however, Cipriano does not want to leave. He has 3 children whom he wants to see grow, he has a wife, a mother and a father and a sister he loves and wants to help support. He has a field of corn and cattle he needs to take care of. It is his home and he doesn’t to leave that.

Credit: Jake Price

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