A letter that Sandra Felicien wrote reads:
I am Sandra Felicien. I live in block 7, Corail. My tent number is E-8. We’ve been here since July 26. World Vision gave us a little food. IOM placed us here. We’re hungry under the rain. We’re hungry. There is no food. You don’t understand us. Don’t you know that an empty sack can’t stand, that a hungry dog doesn’t play.”

Me, Sandra Felicen, I’m a young woman who is not working. My husband died and I have a young boy. And school is about to open. I’m wondering who can help? If it’s not IOM, who brought us here, who else? Are we supposed to cry louder? Are we supposed to say other things? Can I complain more? Is there any hope for me who has a child? Is there any hope for others who have many children? What are we supposed to do? We’re in the middle of a desert. The cost of living is expensive. Tell me, what should we do IOM, PLEASE, look out for us.

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