Jake Price

Shooting in the mangroves, Isla Arena, Campeche, Mexico

I am entranced by the wonder and intricacy of the natural world and how it plays a part in our lives and we in it.

A life defining moment came to me not long ago when my country, the United States, abandoned the world and pulled out of the Paris Accord. When that happened, all that I have witnessed in regard to climate change suddenly came flowing through my thoughts: the destruction caused by our rising seas in Fukushima and greater Tohoku, the loss of life in Haiti due to deforestation and the flooding that now occurs right outside of my studio door in Brooklyn. It was time to take the 20 years of photos and video and put them up.

Having collected the evidence that the changing climate has had on people’s lives, my current work explores the connections between land and culture, science and community and, as always, simply reflects on the natural diversity that we still have such an abundance of and must do all we can to hold onto.

As Director & Producer

For commissioned projects from POV, Mind Open Media, The University of Southern Florida I have been responsible for delivering complex award winning web documentaries. From assembling the right production team to overseeing the coding and design for Beneath the Horizon, The Invisible Season and Unknown Spring these projects have reached thousands of people. Of Unknown Spring, Filmmaker Magazine said it added to,”the canon of interactive docs on environmental and social issues….showing how ethical issues of ethnographic documentary that have existed since Robert Flaherty still inform nonfiction filmmaking as it pushes deeper into the digital age.”

If you are seeking a director for your project, please contact me for rates and other details: Info@jakeprice.com

Teaching & Published Work

I currently teach filmmaking at The International School of Photography in New York and have taught at Columbia University and The New School. My filmmaking and immersive web documentary work from Japan was funded in part from a POV grant and received top honors at The World Press Photo Competition. The Invisible Season had its opening exhibit and release at the 52nd New York Film Festival and has been exhibited throughout the world. My photographic work appears in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Orion, BBC, Rolling Stone and many others.

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